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I have been in Business since 1982. I have 36 years experience total in the Floor Care industry. I have made Fabrication my business with the Passion of building the Best Truck Mounts this industry has to offer. 
Now 11 years Plus and going Strong!

Photos Standing in front of my house in Nashua, NH in the 1980s
TOUGHEST IN THE INDUSTRY Made with 1/4 Plate CNC Lazer Cut Uni-Body Frame Base with Deep Penetrating Tig Welded Construction
    Welcome to the 'Elite' of Truck Mounts, where we have earned              Worldwide recognition.

 Blue Baron's TILE & Carpet Cleaning Machine's High Quality, Performance & Patented Heat Exchanger Technology gives everyone a 'Fighting Chance' to be the Very Best in this Industry!  

                                  It is all about "Focus & Commitment".

                   After the Sale Service and Support. We are Open 7 days per week.

                   Easy on location In Truck Repairs Minimizes Down Time

                  Easy Problem Diagnosis with the Open Concept Design and Quick Access to Parts allows                                  easy Maintenance, Serviceability, troubleshooting and repair

                  Easy vehicle transfer. Just slide in and secure and only takes 1 to 2 Hours to Install

                  Fair and Affordable Price as compared to Competition Units that are more money with the                                  same or smaller Engine and Blower with Inferior Engineering

                  Low Operating Cost using the Fuel Efficient Kohler Twin Engine (Top of its Class)

                 Dependability Built to last using Leading Manufacturers Parts and Components. Heat                                         Exchangers are Rated for 3500 psi.

                 Heat Performance using our Superior Patented Heat Exchanger Technology for Amazing High                          Stable Heat puts you ahead of Competition

                Superior "FREE FLOW" Vacuum System allowing Quick Dry Time for your Happy Customer.

                Toughest and most Superior 1/4 Plate Lazer Cut Uni-Body Frame Base and Tig Welded                                     Construction, which is why we stand by a 'LIFE TIME WARRANTY'  for both the Frame as well                           as the Recovery Tank.  (No other Manufacturer offers this type of Warranty)

                NO DIRECT DRIVE 'LOVE JOY' COUPLERS. OUR MACHINES ARE BUILT WITH 'TROUBLE FREE'                      RELIABLE BELT DRIVEN SYSTEM (Do not lose Jobs over Frequent Breakage)


Name: Thomas Richard Jefferies
Email: njrproperty@gmail.com

Message: Dear Pete. It's now been well over a year since purchasing the 47xl. And I genuinely couldn't be happier. Heat loss issues experienced by other machines don't exist with the 47xl. I normally operate on max temp setting (really dirty greasy restaurant carpet) and my temperature fluctuates between 220 and 250 which I'm sure you'll agree is unheard of in other machines. No idea how the heat exchanger works but it does. 
We recently cleaned a 7 story hotel and expected to have to use a portable machine to clean the 6th and 7th floors. But thought it was worth testing the 47xl and see what happened. It worked, didn't expect that. Obviously we had a little heat loss at the wand, due to running 450ft of pipe. But not only did it work it did a really good job that easily compared to our portable machine. 
Genuinely can not praise this machine enough. And would be more than happy to talk about it with any potential buyers. Seriously high quality professional equipment. Even get good heat when tile cleaning with the higher pressure and flow. 
Due to the high temperatures and the power of the blower we get awesome feedback from customers regarding drying time. 
Cheers Pete 
Will definitely be buying a second machine in the future 
Best wishes 

Name: Thomas Richard Jefferies
Email: njrproperty@gmail.com

I purchased the 47xl from blue baron in February 2017. So here we are well over a year later. Our company mainly works on commercial premises with some residential work. Over the years we have used countless other brand machines and always found heat loss a problem. Since buying the 47xl this has not been a problem. We normally set the machine at 250 degrees. And it never drops below 220. That small a drop in temperature, I have never seen with any other machines. Due to the high level of suction from the blower unit and the high temperatures we are finding drying time quicker than ever experienced. Giving us excellent feedback from customers as they have so little down time. We recently cleaned a 7 story hotel and expected to have to use a portable machine certainly on the 6 and 7th story due to the sheer height. However tested the 47xl and although did have heat loss at the wand ( due to having over 450 ft of pipe running) it still gave an excellent job that easily compared to our portable machine. In terms reliability we have had no issues whatsoever. All we do is regular routine maintenance. The machine is all original even on original belts. 
I would highly recommend this machine to all. 
As for the company themselves. I found Peter to be be superb. Very professional, knowledgeable and kept me updated throughout the build. 
These are not of the shelf machines, these are custom built, high quality professional equipment. I would certainly recommend having the dual electrical outlet as we did so we can run the pump on the fresh water tank (when there's no nearby faucet) and the waste water pump out ( saves having to shut down to drain the waste water).
David & Lisa Bradford (Facebook Testimonial)
September 7, 2015 at 2:12pm  

We could not be any more pleased with our machine! It meets every need & expectation we had when deciding which system to go with! We are happy....our customers are happy. When we are ready to purchase our next system, we will definitely be coming back to you!

                                                            3 Years Later

We are Pro Carpet is & Tile. Blue Baron Makes great machines we have had ours for 3 years and it has been great.    (Contact Info furnished upon request or contact by Facebook)

We ordered our 1st Blue Baron machine from Pete Garland in December, 2016. He explained that the was making changes in his design and that we would get a new machine with all the new features. We took delivery the last week of January, 2017 and self installed the machine using our old White Magic recovery tank. We have now been using our Blue Baron daily for 15 mos. and have spent only $6.00 on repairs, and that was a hose crimp. I certainly would recommend Pete and Blue Baron Carpet Cleaning Systems to anyone and would make the same purchase again. By the way, one week of delivery delay was by the trucking co. Old Dominion. They put the machine on the wrong truck in Florida. It went to the Pa. terminal and then back to Tennessee. Thanks Pete Garland for your service and a great machine.

Jerry Larkins Larkins Carpet Steam Cleaning Gray, Tn. since 1971