The Blue Baron Compact 36 .........."There is Power in the Mini!"
Put the "SPECTACULAR" into your business!
The Blue Baron Compact 36 is a versatile Truck Mount and because of its Unique Engineering and Design, it will always Out Performs its Competition. This unit has Great Heat & Suction with a working pressure of over 2000 psi plus

Truck Mounts like the Saphire Scientific 'Rage" will never give you the same performance with its Inferior Components, Low Working Pressure, Inferior Heating System and Over Heated Louvered Inclosure (uses a Fan to Cool inside of the Console) Not Good.

So to advoid a "Rage," advoid the "Rage".

Because of the Compact 36's Patented Heat Exchanger and Superior 23.5 HP Kohler Engine it Hands Down on Uncompromising Strength, Durability of Construction, Engineering and Performance. (All Belt Driven and easy access to Components)
NEW Laser Cut Look as 2016
In Summary and as mentioned above, unlike the Rage, the Blue Baron never needs internal fans to try cool down its interior because there is no 'Smother Covers', but a simple "Open Concept Body Style" which allows every Component to run Cool and Breath allowing maximum Performance, ease of Maintenance / Repair and Long Life.

The Rages Overheated Smother Covered Crammed Interior, only adds to excessive Wear and Early Life of the this Truck Mount's  Components. By the time you try to do what should be a simple belt change out in 15 minutes, can end up takings hours and will definitely set you in a 'RAGE'.

So to Advoid a "Rage", Advoid the "Rage"

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