Contact Numbers can be furnished upon request
I purchased the "Blue Baron 45SE", all accessories, in February 2008. I had been looking around comparing product and prices for months. Like anyone would, I wanted to get the best possible unit at the most affordable price. The "Blue Baron 45SE" is that machine. It gives you all that you need in a truckmount unit. It's space saving design will give you enough room so that you can install a complete set-up in a short wheel base van. I have the "Blue Baron 45SE", waste tank, fresh water tank, vacuum and solutuion reels, and all other needed accessories installed in a short wheel base van and still have enough room for it to be very user friendly. The 3 stage heat just keeps on giving you a constant supply and that's great when time is important when you are needing to get finished in order to move on to the next job. There's no waiting on this unit to build heat. The control panel is very user friendly and has easy access to it's parts for regular maintenance. When I first started using the unit my 2nd customer, who is a loyal customer that I have cleaned many times over the years, stated to me that he thought that this was the cleanest his carpet has ever gotten. One time while getting fuel, one of my competitors came over and looked at my "Blue Baron 45SE" and was very impressed at the design of the unit. He asked me if he could see it in action sometime soon. What else do I need to say? If the customer can notice what the unit done and your competitor can see the quality, I think that says it all. I'm gladthat I took the time to look around and compare and was fortunate enough to find the "Blue Baron 45SE". Thanks so much Pete for an excellent machine that meets my company's needs. Keep up the great work.

Dale Walker/ Owner
Cumberland County Steam Clean
Telephone Number Furnished Upon Request
9 Year Blue Baron Owner 
I wanted to write and say how happy I am with the Blue Baron 45 SE machine. I have had it a little over a month and it has supplied me with the heat and the durability I was looking for in a truck mount machine. Pete has been great with helpful information I have needed about the machine due to my lack of knowledge. His fabrication and machinery skills really show in his truck mounts. The beauty of my Blue Baron has lead to many compliments and pictures of the machine have been useful in my marketing. Thanks Pete!

Jeremy Stewart, Spot On Floor and Carpet Rejuvenation 

Email and Telephone #: Furnished Upon Request
(We Respect the Privacy of Our Customers)
Dan Williams Tuesday 9/29/09 7:07 AM

I have been in business for 10 years and have owned other name brand units. The Blue Baron 45 I have found to be the best in quality and performance. The Heat this machine produces is better than any machine I have used. The Recovery Tank is very high grade Aluminum and has excellent filtration. I now have 600 Hours on my machine. Pete has provided excellent customer service in answering all my questions about the machine's maintenance and operation. I am looking to buy another Blue Baron soon. Many Thanks, Dan 

From: Paramus, NJ

John P. Luciano Friday, 9/10/2010 

We just got our Blue Baron a couple of weeks ago. The hear is exactly how it is advertised. I tool a beat up carpet, made it look like new and dried in about an hour. Nothing beats the heat of this system.

From: Solon, Ohio

Derrick Sunday 8/2/09 11:42 AM  

I have a Model 45 SE and it is working so great. And whenever it has had a problem, Pete is very helpful in how to fix it. This is the best heating system I have ever used.

From: Michigan

Steve Clayton Sunday 5/24/09 5:17 PM 

Bought this unit about a year ago. This thing is HOT!!! I have burned myself numerous time because of the heat it puts out. Peter is an extremely patient person. I used a portable unit before my purchase, what a difference. He does what he says and answers all your questions. I am waiting for his CD's he now offers and would refer anyone wanting this unit and if you are here in Texas, come on by and see it work...

From:: Lockhart, TX

Kerry Davis Monday 2/9/09 10:06 AM

I bought a Model 45 SE. Lookling forward to pickup. I like the looks of the machine and the attention to craftsmanship. Quality work is hard to find in 2009. Jesus Saves!!!.

From: Alabama

Eduarado De Rose Saturday 2/14/09 11:53 AM

Great equipment, awesome Heat, easy to operate. Want to keep working with Pete. Muy bien equipo, intercambiador de calor y facil de operar. recomendable Eduarado De Rose

From: Palm Beach County

William Smith Wednesday 8/27/08 8:02 AM

I like the look of your machine. They look sturdy. I will be contacting you soon on the Model 45 SE. Thanks WS

From: Denver, CO

Dean Dobson Thursday 8/6/09 1:21 PM

Peter, when our Heat Exhanger went out I started looking for a replacment . The manufacturer wanted $1500 for a replacement. Then I saw your ad and called. I asked a ton of questions due to the fact that our unit is a direct drive and heats with the water from the radiator. You were very patient with me, answered every question, so I decided to give it a try and I am glad I did your heat exchanger is awesome. A-Plus Carpet Care

From: Greensville, SC

Tom Saunders Monday 7/28/08 7:22 AM

I really like the way your machines are made. I have been hearing alot of good things about the Blue Baron truck mounts especially the power and the new Heat exchangers. I am getting up the funds and will be calling you soon.

From: Pittsfield, NH
Charles Wickline St.Albans, WV

I bought a Blue Baron 36 SE and it has it has been an awesome machine, plenty or pressure and vacuum.I have worked 10 years for a National Franchise Stanley Steamer and their machines did not get as Hot as the Blue Baron Carpet Cleaning Machine I purchased! The Heat comes up fast, hotter and longer than the competition I worked for. 

I am very satisfied, Thanks.

Purchased January 15, 2007
R. Yockel Colorado Springs, CO      2/18/2008

I love your machine,like the motor,blower,pump and Heat Exchangers. These are what make the Blue Baron a great price value. It also has a very attractive front panel and looks and runs great.
Indeed an excellent deal.  Many Thanks R. Yockel  
Hi Pete!

About 3-4 years ago I purchased a Heat exchanger from you. I modified a prox. 30+ years old Steamway Odessy, and fitted in. Then I haven?t used it, because I had a good high paying job as a tradesman, at the time. I lost my job a year ago, so I finished off my little project, and started to clean carpet, with the hope; I get to know the guys in the industry, and can start repairing equipment for them. I also have a few little ideas to develop and make some accessories for the cleaning industry. I was cleaning a big school with another guy, who have a $20 000.00 plus truck mount, and his jaw dropped down, when he see me operating with your heat exchanger in an old machine. We all lose 20-degree +, when running 150+ hose, but when you see the heat pouring out from my wand, and see how is cleaning, you don?t need to check the temperature. When I record it, I was running with 200-feet hose. It is good is many expensive unit out there. I made a little movie clip from my wand with my mobile phone, I would like you to see it, don?t know how I can send it, in Contact us not have place for attachment. I am thinking on a small way, specialize converting some older units with a new heat exchanger, for the ones who can't afford a new machine. The problem is to get it here, Thanks for a good product, Regards; Tamas Tassonyi I am in Melbourne, Australia.

Name:Tamas Tassonyi
Melbourne, Australia   January 22, 2014
Hi Peter

My Partner and I are very happy with the work you did on our Performer Cub XL. I can see Great Skilled Workmanship went into this Heat Exchanger to make such a perfect Fit into my machine.

Just knowing there is someone like you that can build a Discontinued Prochem Cub Heat Exchanger, makes you a "Life Saver." My machine is like New now and the Axis Point Heater Design is giving us better Heat than the Old Original OEM Heat Exchanger.

Again Many Thanks for a Great Job!

Ray from R & J Carpet-Tile & Grout Cleaning LLC
Tele: Upon Request

Heat Exchanger
Date12-30-2013 06:10 PM

Hey Pete,

 Just wanted to say thanks again and it was great seeing you. You should be proud of all your hard work and designs you've done.. I finally got some time to install and mount the heat exchanger you made me and its doing well on my Spitfire. Hopefully you get your building done in back soon so you have some extra room to maneuver all that equipment.. :)

Name: Martin Hovatter
Phone: Furnished Upon Request

Message:What can I say about my heat exchanger? Excellent! Peter and his wife are great people to deal with especially with technical issues.Shipping and packaging was good and the exchanger was just as described.I will definetly be doing business with Blue Baron again-Thank You, Martin Steam-Works
T-Bowe's, LLC Carpet, Tile & grout Restoration
Thomas Bowe Sir & Jr
American Owned & Operated
Truck Mount System
Bonded & Insured

I am the owner of T-Bowe's Carpet Tile & Grout Restoration LLC and my Chevy 3500 is equipped with a Blue and Red Baron Truck Mount Carpet and Tile Cleaning Machines Made right here in the U.S.A. It tackles the toughest jobs with plenty of Hot Heat and and Power... It handles High Heat & High Pressure with easy... It hasn't let me, down running strong.. I am very happy with the owner, any question I have he is happy to help.. If you are in the market for a new Truck Mount or even a new 4 Axes SUPER HOT HEAT EXCHANGER Call Blue Baron Highly Recomended...
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(813) 448-2277

Jul 24, 2014 at 6:44 PM

Name: Chris Nierling

Message:I am the owner of Chris Carpet Care Inc in Ocala/Belleview/The villages Fl. I hve had my own business for 20 years and been carpet cleaning for 34 years. I was around people that knew how to put machines together so I have had experience with different kinds of equipment. In all my years the heat exchanger that Pete makes is by far the best exchanger I have ever used. I get excellent heat off the engine. Its compact and well built. In the two years I have had it it has made a difference in my cleaning excellence. Thank you Pete for a wonderful piece of equipment. Chris Nierling Chris Carpet Care Inc.

Shooters Scott  (Facebook Testimonial)

September 2 at 8:05pm

Anyone who understands heat exchangers knows that what Pete has designed is flat out awesome. I say this because i purchased one from Pete through Ebay and am 100 % satisfied from the results of this coiled stainless steel heat exchanger. I have been looking for a coiled heat echanger made of stainless steel for many years. Not only is this flat out perpormance but well designed as well. Pete delivered on time plus a low cost in shipping. I have a custom designed machine that has a 27 hp Kawasaki engine and a roots 45 blower. I look forward to doing more business with pete in the coming years and would recommend this unit to anyone. If you have been using proane copper STOP you will be disappointed because copper cracks. Stainless steel coils are the way to go. I have been in business for 22 years ( allcolorscarpet cleaning dyeing) out of indianapolis. Way to go Pete hope your hand is doing better

 Hi Pete, 

The Heat exchanger you built for me works perfect on my old cub.I very much appreciate the extra time and effort you offered me in removing the old heat exchanger and assisting me on installing the new one.Pete you went above and beyond to assist me when i needed to get my machine up and running and just want to say thank you ! 

Thank you, Russell Carpet Clinic of Orlando Inc

Phone: (Telephone number furnished upon request)

Message:Pete - Prior to purchasing your heat exchanger I used a Little Giant which produced good heat however the safety issues were too much to deal with. So I purchased your heat exchanger which can be outfitted to just about any carpet cleaning machine which makes it a must-have for a serious carpet cleaning professional and not only was it safe, but it also bought my cost down because I no longer needed to purchase propane and it performed perfectly! I highly recommend this unit to all carpet cleaning. I received the unit in excellent time and had no complications. Your service was just as good as your unit performs. I am looking to outfit a 2nd machine soon and look forward to doing business with you again! Thanks.
Name:Marcelo Ioselli                                                                  December 11, 2014

Message:Hey Peter. I just wanted to thank you for setting me up with my Blue Baron 33 SE carpet cleaner. The machine works great and your customer service is outstanding. My new business is off to a great start! 

Marcelo- Homewood, AL
Blue Baron Carpet Cleaning Systems, LLC 
The Nation's Leader in Heat Exchanger Truck Mount Technology
Keeping your 
Business turning
without the MIDDLEMAN!


  I spoke to you earlier regarding a receipt for a heat exchange that I purchased from you on 04/28/2014 for 1,107.45. My company is All Pro Floors & More, Inc. 

Also, I would like to let you know this is one of the best heat exchanges I have seen. It was equipped perfectly for my machine and my water is hot in seconds. I am very satisfied and happy with Blue Baron Carpet for their service and timeliness in delivery of my product. I would definitely recommend them. 
Thank you again!

Anne Marie Bailey
All Pro Floors & More, Inc.
We received our Blue Baron 45SE in Sept. 2012 and have been using it for the past couple of months now (without any problems)and its performance has exceeded our expectations. Pete has created a great design with his units and solved any problems that other units in the industry would have. His craftsmanship and the use of quality parts along with the openness(accessability) of the unit makes it worth its price. We did some shopping around before choosing to go with Pete and we can honestly say for the quality of machine and everything else that comes with this unit it is definitely the best price out there. Pete's four stage heat exchanger design with diverter has been exceptional with strong and consistant heat when needed. Overall, Pete has put alot of thought, heart, and work into his machines and it shows in the machines performance. He is great to work with and will answer any questions that you have about his units. If we need another unit in the future we will definitely purchase from Pete again.  

T & A Unlimited, LLC  Pickens, SC
​Business Tele: Furnished Upon Request
Hello Peter,

Well I have had my truck mount for eight months now. I didn't want to
write anything about the unit until I had really used it for awhile on a
day to day basis. Now that I have used it, I just want to say what a great
machine it truly is! Constant super suction and constant super heat! Peter
is easy to work with and is very knowledgeable and passionate about these
truck mounts. To give an example of the customer service, I messed up my
pressure relief valve (due to my own fault) and called Peter to see if he
could help me out. He was at the post office an hour later overnighting me
the part I needed and even payed for shipping. Purchasing from Peter
has been a great experience for my business. Thanks Peter! 

Keith Messenger
Hi Peter,

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the purchase of the 47XL,as you know the timing worked out perfectly as I was getting ready to start a 60,000 square foot job. The heat has been outstanding and consistent even while using 300 feet of hose and a Rotovac which puts out a lot of water. The quality and workmanship you put into this custom build is second to none. Your machines are a excellent value and I think anybody considering purchasing a truck mount would be crazy spending $20,000 or more on a machine, while they can purchase a blue baron for a much better price without sacrificing quality or workmanship.
Hey Pete,

Just want to let you know the machine is working great going on 4 months of operation with our new Blue Baron 47XL. The heat and suction is outstanding. Machine really holds for the big carpet and tile jobs. Heat is maintained at the higher pressure for tile jobs. We get many compliment on how clean the room is after we have completed the job especially how fast the carpet dries.

I purchased the heat Exchanger from Pete and I couldn't say this is one of the best Heat exchangers I have ever used . I installing my heat exchanger to a kolher 25 hp engine and I can say my water temperature is around 200°F plus in less than 5 Minutes of using my carpet truck mount . It's made from 100% stainless steel heavy-duty built to last. I took a look inside the heat exchanger from one of the openings from the exhaust side and you can see the stainless steel tubing inside heat exchanger so that your water temperature could heat up quicker . I clean Carpets that are from Apartments restaurants with heavy grease and I could say that this heat exchanger made a lot a difference in my new cleaning technique. Since my water is hotter I can use less solution that saves me money. I would recommend n e one to get this heat exchanger stop looking around and just buy this one you will be very happy with the design . Thank you Pete once again for creating such a good heat exchanger you had made a customer very happy and I will gladly come back again . 

Jesus Alcantar Email:

Tree Capital Cleaning                                                                                                            April 16, 2015
Don Hines 

Hi Peter

I just wanted to let you I am very happy with my purchase of this Heat Exchanger. It was just a beautiful experience. I just thought I let you know.
Thank you and have a good day. Don
Name:BRIAN LOFSTEN                                                                                                                                         May 1, 2015

Message:Just wanted to let everyone how happy we were to purchase a heat exchanger from Pete. He is very professional & knows his work. Ordered a heat exchanger & header from him and received it in about a week. I hooked up everything & the header I ordered was a little wide because it was interfering with the pump belt. I called up Peter & he said to send it back and he would laser cut it & weld it for for me for no charge & send it back! Very happy with his service & product! Thanks again Pete! I am a happy customer & will be using you again . Brian
David & Lisa Bradford (Facebook Testimonial)
September 7, 2015 at 2:12pm  

We could not be any more pleased with our machine! It meets every need & expectation we had when deciding which system to go with! We are happy....our customers are happy. When we are ready to purchase our next system, we will definitely be coming back to you!

Hi Pete 

I bought a Blue Baron 45 from Pete Garland!!! It does a GOOD job on Heavy soiled carpets...People are always amazed that the Old stuff can look like brandnew. Thanks Pete for such an awesome piece of equipment.  Terry Reynolds

From: Reynolds Carpet Cleaning Richmond, VA
Tele: (furnished upon request)

Testimony from a 2007 Blue Baron 45 SE purchase
Joe Bannon               Manchester, New Hampshire
My Blue Baron 45 SE has almost 3000 Hours on it since I had purchased new in 2007. It has been an Incredible Machine. It is easy to operate and maintain while providing Great Heat and Performance especially when I need it on those Commercial Jobs. Many Thanks, J. Bannon
 I purchased a Blue baron this year the 47XL model. I have had great success with this unit and Peter Garland has been extremely professional and knowledgable about his product. The performance and quality of his TM far exceeds my expectations. I was blown away by the heat and suction of the TM, I had a hydromaster 427 previously and it totally out perfoms it. As far as customer service is concerned, he, Peter, has been great.

Many Thanks, John Harrison (Telephone number furnished upon request)
Mobile Power Cleaning Unit
Zion Carpet & Tile Cleaning                                                                               February 21, 2016 
Phoenix, AZ
Owner: Eddy
Tele: 623-451-6317

Hi Pete

I am very very Happy with your Axis Point Heat Echanger. We have just finished installing it and we are Getting Great Heat. This Unit is on Fire.

Great Job! Many Thanks! Eddy 
Hey Pete,                                                                                                                                                 December 31, 2015

Finally got a chance to check out your website, very cool stuff! From all the comments I saw, you obviously have great quality craftsmanship.

We like working with good people and we appreciate your business. Just wanted to say thank you and hope you have a Happy New Year from all of us here at Pasco Pipe! Keep up that practice with the banjo!

Matt Kittle
Pasco Pipe Supply, Inc.
14700 U.S. Hwy 19
Hudson, FL 34667
PH: (727) 863-4339

Ever Ready Carpet Cleaning                                                                              April 17, 2016
Rochester, MI 
Owner: Mike Allen
Tele: 248-953-3702


I just wanted to let you know that you did a Great Job Fabricating this Heat Exchanger. It is very well constructed and really puts out the heat! I am very happy with the results.

Many Thanks,

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Axis Point Heat Exchanger with its Patented Proven Internal Design has created the Nations Hottest Heat Exchanger unmatched by its Competition.

Kevin D McNair                                                                                                                                      June 9, 2015 
Round Rock, TX 78664

Hi Pete 
It was pleasure working with the Axis Point Heat Exchanger, where the Heat is Smoking Hot and consistent. So many Heat Exchangers I used in the past always fluctuated where it was impossible to get steady heat. Thanks for the Great Job!

Many Thanks,

​Roy Bolton <>                                                                                                                               6/19/16 Today at 12:38 AM

I have received my axis point heat exchanger and with some expected fab work it works as expected. Pete is a good guy to deal with and knowledgeable about what he he sells. I converted a CHEM-TEX truck mount to his heat exchanger. I had no luck with Chem -Tex , they are metal to metal construction and I had them tig welded many times due to vibration. Chem-tex is a very poor design. We are getting good heat now with the axis point heat exchanger . Customer service is every thing when you are dealing with a small company. That is why I try to deal with independent businessmen. After all I'm a small business . Also his warrantee is simple and to the point no small print . I called Pete many times and he was always available for questions. Thanks Pete!

David Shooters Scott‎ to Blue and Red Baron Truck Mount Carpet and Tile Cleaning Machines
8/21/16 at 10:13am  (Facebook Entry) 

I bought a heat exchanger from Blue Baron last year and I am pleased to day it works great. I get the most heat from it when I run it around 5500-6000 rpm. I have a kawasaki 27 hp water cooled and a 4.5 blower roots. It deserves a 5 star performance.
Fred Adrian                                                                  
Roadrunner Equipment
Modesto, CA

Hi Pete 

Just wanted to let you know that I am real happy with the results Axis Point Heat Exchanger for my Prochem Legend. Everything went smooth installing this unit and it is working great!

Many Thanks, Fred

Pro Line Carpet Maintenance Supply
Noel Saenz
4061 Palm Ave
Sacramento, CA 95842 (916) 339-3033

You can feel secure to know, that Pete builds a high Quality Prochem Alternative replacement Heat Exchanger. It is a relief to know, that since Prochem no longer carrys these Heat Exchangers for the older Truck mounts like the Legend SE. He built a Legend SE HX for my Customer. He is very happy with the results of the install and the performance of the Heat Exchanger. Pete's Customer Service is Great and I highly recommend his services and products. Thank you very much Pete.
Advantage Marketing Truck Mount Repair & Service
Douglas Dake 
5245 Guion Rd 
Indianapolis, IN 46254
(317) 297-0461

I am Very Happy with the Installation and performance of the Prochem 405 Aftemarket. The Mechanic was happy with the Installation and said it was an easy install. Customer is also pleased with the results of your product.

Thank you very much for providing a solution for a high quality Prochem Heat Exchanger replacement.
Vac-Tron Equipment LLC
Industry Leader in Industrial Vacuum & Hydro Excavator Mobile Systems
Hi Peter
I am real happy with the performance and Quality of your Heat Exchangers. They are a valuable source of Heat for our Excavator Systems. 

Many Thanks for your Hard work, Tim Fischer (President)
Prochem Australia
Bret Holman
Unit 9 84 Ingleston Rd
Queensland, Australia 4154

I am so glad to know, since Prochem as dicontinued so many of the older Prochem HXs, that there actually a service like yours that  produces a great After Market Alternative. Your design works fantastic and puts out great Heat. My Customers are pleased. 

Many Thanks,
Perfect Touch Cleaning, LLC                                                                                          December 2, 2016 
Jason Flis
1364 Alexander Dr
Traverse City, MI 49696 

Hey Peter,

It is Jason and I  just wanted  to let you know I received my Blue Baron 47 XL and Accessories. Everything looks Terrific!! I am really pleased. You really do put a lot of love and devotion into your work. Wow, I am  just so Happy. I am Happier than Happy can ever get,so I just wanted to let you know and I can not wait to get it all installed. Hope you have a good day and I will talk to you soon.

Thank you very much, Jason

Dec 20, 2016 at 5:38 PM
Name:chris nierling

Message:Jul 24, 2014 at 6:44 PM Name: Chris Nierling Email Phone:352-572-9184 Message:I am the owner of Chris Carpet Care Inc in Ocala/Belleview/The villages Fl. I hve had my own business for 20 years and been carpet cleaning for 34 years. I was around people that knew how to put machines together so I have had experience with different kinds of equipment. In all my years the heat exchanger that Pete makes is by far the best exchanger I have ever used. I get excellent heat off the engine. Its compact and well built. In the two years I have had it it has made a difference in my cleaning excellence. Thank you Pete for a wonderful piece of equipment. Chris Nierling Chris Carpet Care Inc. 

12/20/16 I am now at 41/2 years with my original heat exchanger and have no problems with it. Works as well now as when I bought it. Thanks Pete

Steven A Reinholtz                                                                                    February 22, 2017
Chula Vista, CA 91911
Tele: 619-397-8937

Hey Pete, so the heat exchanger works great! At only 1500 rpm I can maintain 250 degrees at 900psi with a RX20 keyed wide open (no dry passes) I usually run the thing at 1300 and it won't go below 220!

Jon-Don St. Louis
4848 Park 370 Blvd. Ste. A
Hazelwood, MO 63042
314-994-0950 Todd Seagraves 314-266-1353
Hours: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. (M-F)

Pete, the Axis Point Prochem After Market Heat Exchangers for the Legend SE & Performer 405, were a perfect fit and so far no complaints from my Customers. It is nice to have someone to turn to in providing Prochem Machine users with this great alternative since Prochem no longer carries these Heat Exchangers. 

Thank you for being there for us.

Toss Seagraves (Service Manager)
Mario Gasca <>
ToJ Garland Today at 1:38 AM

I would like to thank you Mr. Garland for building me a great piece of machinery my Compact 36 is great . I was the first one to receive the added belt guard. I've had it just over a month now and couldn't be happier that I chose to get my truck mount from you. The heat is great from the heat exchanger consistent too. I definitely will be back on my next Purchase . Thank You 

Mario Gasca , Affordable #1 Cleaning Services,  Lompoc, CA

(Telephone # Furnished Upon Request)

Name:Jason Flis
Phone:231 944-6363

Message:Hello, I'm Jason owner of Perfect Touch Cleaning LLC. I purchased a 47 XL from Pete in October of 2016. I've had it for a while now, The heat, suction, pump pressure is great, I do a lot of carpet jobs and all my customers and i are very happy with the power and the dry times of carpet. Im very picky how and what kind of machines I use. Thank You Pete for make me a great machine !!!!! I will be back to buy again from you, to buy another 47 XL when I get another truck.

njrproperty <> May 19, 2017 at 12:39 PM

Hi Pete

We have used the machine several hours yesterday afternoon and all morning today with not one fault at all. I have to be honest buddy you have built one hell of a machine here. Suction so good the carpet is touch dry in under an hour. Temperature remains absolutely constant to whatever it's set to. Customers love it. Thank you so much buddy. Very best wishes. Tom

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 Blue Baron Truck Mounts 'The Best of the Best'


Man that's really cool normally it takes diesel or propane to get that kind of heat. I had a power clean Genesis that had two Heat exchangers it the best I could ever hit was high 180s in the summer you could see 190 200 if it was a100 out but rolling steam was a rare thing we had to add propane heater that machine is long gone thank goodness