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Carpet  & Tile Cleaning  Machine

With 34 years experience in Carpet Cleaning and a background in Electro-Mechanical  Engineering Technology, I know what a Carpet Cleaner is looking for in Quality / Performance Machines.  
Sincerely, Pete Garland  (President  / Owner) of:  Blue Baron    Carpet Cleaning Systems, LLC Manufacturer of: The Blue Baron TM Truck Mount & Axis Point TM Heaters
We have many Satisfied Customers. These references can be supplied upon request.
Our New Model SE / XL series units have a Stainless Steel Patented Multi Heating System Capturing Heat Energy more Better than any other Heat Exchanger System.
New Improved Pre-Heater to give a Quick Start During those Cold Winter Months
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Made In the USA
We welcome your comments and look forward to serving your Carpet Cleaning Needs.    

Sincerely, Pete Garland (Owner, Designer & Builder)

The Blue Baron   is changing the way we look at Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning Equipment, by offering the Best for your money while providing you the following Unique features:  

         Attractive (User Friendly) Simplistic Design

         Rugged Construction & Durability

         Easy Access to Components

         Relentless Power & Performance

         Unmatched Cost Effective Pricing containing
         Nation Wide Manufacturer's Components

         Patent Pending "State of the Art" all Stainless Triple
         Heat Exchanger System which is the ICON of the
         Blue Baron    series of Truck Mounts

All our Blue Baron's
are New, Warranted &  Free Training
We build our Heat Exchangers using a Revolutionary "State of the Art" Design known as  "Axis Point Technology    . This Unique Design allows the heat Exchanger Tubing carrying the water to source out Maximum Exhaust Heat with Maximum Heat transfer.

The primary purpose of Axis Point Heaters     is to ELIMINATE the need for Expensive ,UNSAFE Economy/Budget Challenging Alternative Fuels such as Propane and Fuel Oil.

Opinions are offered for our Heaters are supported by many Satisfied Customers (The End Users). They all Claim Exceptional Heat is produced with a sudden rise in Temperature within 1 minute and stable which allows the End User to get Maximum Heat Performance. 
Hotter Water & more Stable!
    Only One Truck Mount Manufacturer Does it Right!
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Patented Axis Point TM 
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