Blue Baron TM Model 47 XL 
Truck Mount Carpet & Tile Cleaning Machine
 37 HP Kohler Engine Command Pro PA-CH1000-3002  with All Stainless Exhaust Header (INCLUDES TINY TACH / HOUR METER) 
(3 Year Warranty on parts & labor)

4LR Sutorbilt Blower (equivalent to the 47 Roots These Positive Displacement Rotary Lobes produce Over over 15 inches Mercury 560 CFM. Can use up to 600 Ft. of Hose) Dual Wand   (lower Panel has Gravity Feed Oil Cup to protect Blower)
(18 month Warranty on parts & labor)

Universal Silencer  (Takes out the Attenuations of sound waves meeting standard DB regulations for noise reduction) 1 Year Warranty

AR 3 Plunger Water Pump (5.5 GPM up to 3000 psi working pressure making this a  Multi-Purpose Machine
 1 Year Warranty

Last Step Chemical Metered Injection System  Chemical never enters into pump and heating system

All Stainless "State of the Art" Patented SUPER QUAD AXIS POINT TM Heat Exchanger System 
produces 230 degrees F
120 FT. of 3500 psi rated Stainless Tubing Also Great for Pressure Washing. (Optional Exhaust Diverter) (1 year Warranty) 

100 Gallon Heavy Gauged Marine Aluminum Recovery Tank with Auto-Overfill shut-off, Vacuum relief, Gate Valve drain, Debris basket, EZ Flow Filter and Optional Pump-out Ports (Life Time Warranty)
Optional 60 Gallon Tank available

Adjustable Temperature & High Limit Control Regulation will give you the Security of Constant Heat without the worry or overheating even when  the machine is running while no carpet cleaning is being performed or while your talking to your Customers, Pre-Spraying, moving furniture, Etc..

Complete User Friendly Upper & Lower Control Panels   

Preheated Water Box Reservoir Tank for Water Pump System (Great for Winterizing your machine)

300 FT Vacuum & Solution Hose Reels

200 Ft  of 2 inch Crush Proof Vacuum Hose

200 FT.  4000 psi Solution Hose

Stainless Steel  2 Jet Wand

All sturdy 11 Gauge Steel Construction Frame
30" Wide X 38" X 40" Depth

Console weight 700 lbs


Operational Manual & Flash Drive (Video)  

Optional Accessories include:

Rotovac Equipment & Accessories

Fresh Water Tanks with Demand Pumps

Auto Pump-out

Live Hose Reel Assemblies

Water Softening Systems

Waste Water Pump-Out Kit

Inline Filters

Floor Surface Cleaners

All our Customers should have the option to do Flood Work which Brings in BIG DOLLARS $$$$
All Our Units Have Variable Auto Adjustable Thermostat Control  "No Heat" Mode or Providing GREAT HEAT when you need it!
Axis Point TM  3 Stage Patented 
Heat Exchanger System
NEW Improved Pre-Heat Exchanger
Condensed Start-Up / Shut Down Instructions affixed to every Recovery Tank (USER FRIENDLY)
We ship anywhere within the Continental U.S.Alaska, Canada, Hawaii & Overseas. Freight for Eastern US areas is $450 to $1200. Rates may Increase in Central, Mountain & Pacific areas. 
Rates apply separately for Alaska, Hawaii and Overseas. 

Allow 3-5 business days for the arrival of your unit. 
Visit our 24 hour 7 day per week Online Store

Factory Package Price only: $19,895
Keeping your 
Business Turning without the Middleman! 

Blue Baron  Manufacturing
The Model 47 XL displays unmatched Engineering, Relentless Power and Performance, Dependability and Versatility unlike any other Truck Mount in the Industry. 
There is No Dispute, this machine's a Brute! This machine has Dual Wand Capability.

With its Axis Point Patented Heat Exchanger System, FREE Flow Vacuum System and 'Open Concept', Ease of Maintenance and with a 'Simplistic Design' makes this a wise choice for the serious Restoration Professional.

This Machine is Powered with a 37 HP CH1000-3002 Big block Kohler Engine and 4LR Sutorbilt Blower, will give you 560 CFM of Vacuum (Dual Wand) and unstoppable Heat to do many residential / commercial jobs with Working Pressure up to 3000 psi.
Blue Baron Model 47 XL Dual Wand Truck Mount TILE & Carpet Cleaning Machine
Superior Engineering Makes The Difference!
All our Recovery Tanks are equipt with easy Quick Connects to allow easy access and clean out of the Stainless Debris Basket and Inlet Housing Assembly.
(OPTIONAL) Pump-Out available
Authorized Valley Industries Dealer
Delux Accessory

Name: Thomas Richard Jefferies
Email: [email protected]

Message: Dear Pete. It's now been well over a year since purchasing the 47xl. And I genuinely couldn't be happier. Heat loss issues experienced by other machines don't exist with the 47xl. I normally operate on max temp setting (really dirty greasy restaurant carpet) and my temperature fluctuates between 220 and 250 which I'm sure you'll agree is unheard of in other machines. No idea how the heat exchanger works but it does. 
We recently cleaned a 7 story hotel and expected to have to use a portable machine to clean the 6th and 7th floors. But thought it was worth testing the 47xl and see what happened. It worked, didn't expect that. Obviously we had a little heat loss at the wand, due to running 450ft of pipe. But not only did it work it did a really good job that easily compared to our portable machine. 
Genuinely can not praise this machine enough. And would be more than happy to talk about it with any potential buyers. Seriously high quality professional equipment. Even get good heat when tile cleaning with the higher pressure and flow. 
Due to the high temperatures and the power of the blower we get awesome feedback from customers regarding drying time. 
Cheers Pete 
Will definitely be buying a second machine in the future 
Best wishes 
Name: Thomas Richard Jefferies
Email: [email protected]

I purchased the 47xl from blue baron in February 2017. So here we are well over a year later. Our company mainly works on commercial premises with some residential work. Over the years we have used countless other brand machines and always found heat loss a problem. Since buying the 47xl this has not been a problem. We normally set the machine at 250 degrees. And it never drops below 220. That small a drop in temperature, I have never seen with any other machines. Due to the high level of suction from the blower unit and the high temperatures we are finding drying time quicker than ever experienced. Giving us excellent feedback from customers as they have so little down time. We recently cleaned a 7 story hotel and expected to have to use a portable machine certainly on the 6 and 7th story due to the sheer height. However tested the 47xl and although did have heat loss at the wand ( due to having over 450 ft of pipe running) it still gave an excellent job that easily compared to our portable machine. In terms reliability we have had no issues whatsoever. All we do is regular routine maintenance. The machine is all original even on original belts. 
I would highly recommend this machine to all. 
As for the company themselves. I found Peter to be be superb. Very professional, knowledgeable and kept me updated throughout the build. 
These are not of the shelf machines, these are custom built, high quality professional equipment. I would certainly recommend having the dual electrical outlet as we did so we can run the pump on the fresh water tank (when there's no nearby faucet) and the waste water pump out ( saves having to shut down to drain the waste water).
'One of a Kind' Awesome all Stainless Exhaust Headers
Kohler's Awesome 'BIG BLOCK'
37 HP Command Pro PA-CH1000-3002
Powerful 'FREE FLOW' Vacuum System 4LP Sutorbilt Blower Delivers 560 CFM 15 HG of Lift with 'QUICK DRY TIME' EQUATES TO HAPPY CUSTOMERS!
Super High Quality AR Washer Pump with a 5.5 GPM Flowrate and delivers 3000 psi (WORKING PRESSURE!)
(Optional)  Rotovac 360i
                   Automatic Pump-Out 
$450 /mo
The Nation's **FACTORY DIRECT LEADER** in Heat Exchanger Truck Mount Technology