Advantages of Truck Mounts using Heat Exchangers  VS. Oil Fired / Propane Fired truck mounts to heat your water.
RUN if you can from this Truck Mount, she's about to Blow!!! 

Do you want to be sitting in or around  a Van that has a Truck Mount that uses Fuel Oil or Propane to heat its water??
It is like sitting on a Potential Time Bomb!!
Its like having TNT in the back of your Driver's Seat!

The Cost of Fuel & Propane is rising everyday! 
Truck Mounts with Propane Heaters are actually more Expensive to operate than Truck Mounts with Heat Exchangers!

With the added Engine Gas Consumed combined with the use of Dangerous Explosive Carbon Monoxide producing Propane without a doubt, exceeds the Fuel consumed in comparison to a Truck Mount using Heat Exchanger Technology to heat its water.   See Links Below

Even with a Truck Mount with a small engine the results are staggering! Our Patented Heat Exchangers Source out more Heat than all the Heat Exchangers combined in this Industry.

Also to add, the Inconvenience of 'Running Out of Propane" on a night Carpet Cleaning job, combined with  a Dangerous Explosive Gas makes this possibly Lethal for both yourself, 
your Customer as well as Job Security. In this Economy who can afford, Loss of Wages, Hospital Bills from Injuries or worse, possible Death!

Why not Heat your water for FREE, Safe & Efficient while Operating your business Enviromentally & Financially GREEN!

Get an edge on your competition and Protect yourself, others, your wallet & the enviroment (Ozone) etc. at the same time!

Our Patented Heat Exchangers are the One & Only Heat Exchanger design that is  Clean, Safe, FREE Cost Effective and Designed to withstand High Pressure up to 3500 psi & will Heat your water better than any Competition Heat Exchanger System. Unlike the Propane Heater, which will burst at 900 psi.

Our Heat Exchangers will allow you to do more Diversified Restoration Jobs from Carpet Cleaning to Pressure Washing Jobs that Propane Heating Systems prevent you from doing! Who can afford to lose a job in this economy!

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Truck Mounts
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Message:Pete - Prior to purchasing your heat exchanger I used a Little Giant which produced good heat however the safety issues were too much to deal with. So I purchased your heat exchanger which can be outfitted to just about any carpet cleaning machine which makes it a must-have for a serious carpet cleaning professional and not only was it safe, but it also bought my cost down because I no longer needed to purchase propane and it performed perfectly! I highly recommend this unit to all carpet cleaning. I received the unit in excellent time and had no complications. Your service was just as good as your unit performs. I am looking to outfit a 2nd machine soon and look forward to doing business with you again! Thanks.

Shooters Scott                  Testimonial Entered into FaceBook

September 2 at 8:05pm

anyone who understands heat exchangers knows that what Pete has designed is flat out awesome. I say this because i purchased one from Pete through Ebay and am 100 % satisfied from the results of this coiled stainless steel heat exchanger. I have been looking for a coiled heat exchanger made of stainless steel for many years. Not only is this flat out performance but well designed as well. Pete delivered on time plus a low cost in shipping. I have a custom designed machine that has a 27 hp Kawasaki engine and a roots 45 blower. I look forward to doing more business with Pete in the coming years and would recommend this unit to anyone. If you have been using propane copper STOP you will be disappointed because copper cracks. Stainless steel coils are the way to go. I have been in business for 22 years ( allcolorscarpet cleaning dyeing) out of Indianapolis. Way to go Pete hope your hand is doing better


Name: Chris Nierling                                               Jul 24, 2014 at 6:44 PM

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Message:I am the owner of Chris Carpet Care Inc in Ocala/Belleview/The villages Fl. I hve had my own business for 20 years and been carpet cleaning for 34 years. I was around people that knew how to put machines together so I have had experience with different kinds of equipment. In all my years the heat exchanger that Pete makes is by far the best exchanger I have ever used. I get excellent heat off the engine. Its compact and well built. In the two years I have had it it has made a difference in my cleaning excellence. Thank you Pete for a wonderful piece of equipment. Chris Nierling Chris Carpet Care Inc.

Judson Truck Mount Propane Disaster
Propane getting you down? Don't let your Truck Mount Burn to the Ground!