Unlike HydraMaster, as well as many other manufacturers, Blue Baron uses "Top of Line" Heat Exchangers. We Incorporate a Free Flow Vacuum System with No Post Heat Heaters Lowering your Vacuum Blower's CFM. (Causing Wet Carpet & Unhappy Customers).

Our 'Open Concept Framing' gives you maximum Cooling for your Truck Mount's Vidal Components while providing ' Easy Access and Maintenance'.

Blue Baron Provides Increased Horse Power compared to it's Competition as well as our Larger PD Blowers for increased Performance.

Our Truck Mounts Provide Increase Working Pressures 3000 psi which is well above the Norm because its Patented Heat Exchangers are Rated with 3500 psi all Stainless 80 ft of tubing. 

Competition's Tube & Fin Low psi Copper can not handle too high of pressure. (CHEAP COPPER) over 1000 psi the Tubing can Rupture.
(There goes the Pressure Washing Jobs!)

   Blue Baron 47 XL Specs are over and above all 
  the others and our numbers add up better!

  Model 47XL:  37 HP 560 CFM 3000 psi 265 Degree F (Super Dual Wand) 
  Model 45 SE: 27 HP 410 CFM 3000 psi 255 Degree F 
  Model 36 SE: 23.5 HP 344 CFM 3000 psi 245 Degree F 
  Model 33 SE: 20.5 HP 250 CFM 3000 psi 235 Degree F
  Compact 36: 23.5 HP 344 CFM 3000 psi 245 Degree F
  Compact 45: 27 HP 410 CFM 3000 psi 255 Degree F
  Aviator 36: 23.5 HP 344 CFM  3000 psi 245 Degree F     

​  Below are Hydramaster Truck Mount's Specs
  Where the Components and Performance are Lacking.