36 SE Specifications Data Sheet
Engine                                               23.5 HP Kohler V-Twin Command Pro
(3 Year Warranty)                             (Top of the Line with 10,000 Service Centers World Wide)

Engine Speed                                   3600 RPMs (Optional TinyTach available)    

Vacuum / Recovery                          3MR Sutorbilt
(18 Month Warranty)                                  (equivalent to Optional 36 Roots)        

                                                           The Positive Displacement Rotary Lobes produce
                                                           over 15 inches of Mercury 344 CFM 
                                                           Operating Vacuum Length 350 ft maximum
                                                           (No restrictions, Proper Inlet / Outlet & Silencer Size)     
                                                           Means Quick Dry Time = Happy Customer!

AR 3 Plunger Pump                        3000 psi @ 3.5 GPM (with Last Step Chemical Injection)
(1 Year Warranty)                            CAN TAKE HIGH TEMPERATURES 
                                                          (Produces up to 3000 psi of Water Pressure)
                                                           Making this a Multi Purpose Machine  

Water Heating                                  Patented & Proven  3 Stage Axis Point TM  Heat Exhanger 
(1 Year Warranty)                            System All Stainless 3500 psi Pressure Rating.
                                                          with (Quick & High Stable Heat) Optional Exhaust Diverter                                                           available

Water Temperature                         230 deg. F Adjustable Thermostat 

High Temperture Guard                 285 Degree High Limit Sensor Shut Down

Flood Water Recovery                    Precision all Stainless Exhaust Diverter (No Heat) 

Waste Recovery Tank                     100 Gallon High Grade Marine Aluminum
(Life Time Warranty)                        (Equipt with Pump Out Ports) 

Basic Equipment Package: 

200 Ft. 2" Vacuum Hose ( with 6 Ft. 1 1/2 " Whip Hose Wand attachment)

300 Ft. Vacuum Hose Reel

200 Ft. 4000 psi Blue Non-Marking Solution Hose

300 Ft. S23 Solution Hose Reel

S-Bend  Stainless 2 Jet Commercial Rated Wand & Upholstery Tool

Battery w/ Alternator

Console Info:

Dimensions:  36" L x 30" W  x 38" H

Weight:         500 lbs 

Advantage to choosing Blue Baron Truck Mount
Carpet & Tile Cleaning Machines
After the Sale Service and Support. We are Open 7 days per week.

Easy on location In Truck Repairs Minimizes Down Time

Easy Problem Diagnosis with the Open Concept Design and Quick Access to Parts allows easy Maintenance, Serviceability, troubleshooting and repair

Easy vehicle transfer. Just slide in and secure and only takes 1 to 2 Hours to Install

Fair and Affordable Price as compared to Competition Units that are more money with the same or smaller Engine and Blower with Inferior Engineering

Low Operating Cost using the Fuel Efficient Kohler Twin Engine (Top of its Class)

Dependability Built to last using Leading Manufacturers Parts and Components. Heat Exchangers are Rated for 3500 psi.

Heat Performance using our Superior Patented Heat Exchanger Technology for Amazing High Stable Heat puts you ahead
of Competition

Superior "FREE FLOW" Vacuum System allowing Quick Dry Time for your Happy Customer.

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